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Why Should I Have a Mezuzah?

  • G-d said so.  The Torah records G-d's commandment to place a Mezuzah with the words, "And you shall inscribe them on the doorpost of your houses and on your gates."
  • It reminds you of G-d's presence.  Every time that you enter or leave a room in your home, you reach out and touch the Mezuzah (some even kiss their fingers after touching the Mezuzah).  When you see and touch the Mezuzah, you will be reminded that G-d is an important part of your life.  This will give you a great sense of peace and help you to strive to be a better person.
  • It will remind your children that they are Jewish.  A child who kisses the Mezuzah every morning when she wakes up or every night when he goes to sleep will never forget that they are Jewish. 
  • It brings Divine blessing to your home.  There is an ancient tradition that the name of G-d which is written on the outside of the Mezuzah (Sha-day) is an acronym for the Hebrew words, "Shomer Daltot Yisrael" - "He who protects the doors of the Jewish homes".  From time to time I have the opportunity to go put up Mezuzahs in the home of a person who never had Mezuzahs before.  They usually call me back the next day and tell me that their home feels entirely different.  They feel a special sense of blessing.  This is what makes the Mezuzah and essential part of the Jewish home environment.
  • Mezuzahs are fun.  The most important part of the Mezuzah is the scroll inside, but every Mezuzah scroll needs a Mezuzah cover.  This gives you an opportunity to do some home decorating.  There are hundreds of types of Mezuzah covers (or cases) to fit every kind of style.  You can pick a different one for every room for an eclectic look or you can put the same one throughout your home for a uniform, organized look.

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