Mezuzah Scrolls

Mezuzah Scrolls

If you already have a Mezuzah box and just need the scroll to go inside, choose from these Kosher Mezuzah scrolls.  If you need Mezuzah box with a scroll inside, go to the Mezuzahs page and you will be able to add the scroll that fits the Mezuzah cover you choose.

The scroll is the heart and soul of the Mezuzah so it is very important that it be 100% Kosher. 

All of our Mezuzah scrolls are handwritten by a certified Torah scribe on real calf-skin parchment. Each scroll is then scanned into a special computer program that checks it for mistakes. Finally each Mezuzah scroll is checked by our own in house Torah scribe to make sure that it is 100% Kosher. You can learn more about Mezuzah Scrolls in this article.


Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll