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Enjoy our large collection of Mezuzahs. Each Mezuzah can be purchased by itself or with a Kosher Mezuzah scroll. If you select the option to add the scroll we will ship it already inserted and ready to affix to your door! 

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Starlight Pewter Mezuzah


Home Sweet Home Mezuzah


Birchat Habayit Mezuzah


Temple Mount Mezuzah

Sold Out

Sold Out

Home Blessing Mezuzah


Angel Mezuzah - Blue


Birchat Cohanim Mezuzah


Kotel Mezuzah

Sold Out

Sold Out

Golden Jerusalem


Designer Mezuzah - Pewter

$69.99 $48.99

On Sale

Peaceful Night Mezuzah


Blue Tribes Mezuzah


Mazal Mezuzah


Deep Sea Mezuzah