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Free shipping on orders over $100









Can I send a gift message with my order?

Yes.  There is an empty box during the checkout process,  You can type your gift message there.  We will put your message on a card and include it in the box when we pack your order.

I don't want the person who I am buying for to see the price of my gift.  How can I make sure you don't put a reciept?

Whenever the billing name and address is different than the shipping name and address, we don't include a reciept in the order.  We only include a packing slip that says who ordered and what was ordered.  The packing slip does not show the price of the order.


Do your Mezuzahs come with a scroll inside?

We sell the Mezuzah cover and the Mezuzah scroll separately.  This is because some people already have scrolls which they purchased from their Rabbi or Synagogue.  Others may already have a Mezuzah with a scroll and they just want to switch the Mezuzah cover to a different one to match their decor etc.

In order to make it easier for you, every product page has an option to add the proper sized Kosher scroll.  If you choose this option, you will receive your Mezuzah with the scroll already wrapped in protective covering and inserted into your Mezuzah cover.

I am not religious.  Can I get a Non-Kosher scroll?

At we believe very much in the importance of having Kosher Mezuzahs on every door of your home.  Although we don't judge someone who doesn't feel the need to have a Kosher Mezuzah, it would be wrong for us to sell something that we don't believe in.  Therefore we only sell Kosher Mezuzah scrolls even though we lose a lot of sales to people who don't want to pay for the scroll.

What makes a Mezuzah "Kosher"?

A Kosher Meuzah is handwritten on parchment by a scribe who is trained in the laws of writing a Mezuzah.  A scroll which is reproduced by machine, or not written according to the laws of the Torah, is not Kosher.  Read our "About Mezuzahs" page to learn more about Mezuzahs.

Who certifies your Mezuzahs?

All of our Mezuzahs are guaranteed to be 100% Kosher.  They are hand written by expert scribes in Israel.  They are then computer checked for textual errors.  Finally they are checked by and expert scribe at our workshop in Los Angeles.

Currently there is no organization anywhere that certifies Mezuzahs as Kosher.  But you can rest assured that our Mezuzahs are 100% Kosher.  In fact we are the source of Mezuzahs for many Orthodox Rabbis as well as synagogues and Chabad Houses all over the country.

Why don't you sell "Car Mezuzahs"?

We get this question every day.  If we did sell them, we would probably make a lot more money.  However, we only sell items which are Kosher.  The "Car Mezuzah" which is commonly sold is actualy just a small Mezuzah case with a photocopy of the travelers prayer.

If you would like to have a Mezuzah in your car for its protective qualities, may we suggest that you do what we do and put a small Kosher Mezuzah scroll in your glove compartment or anywhere in your car.


If I don't like the item I order, can I return it for a refund?

Yes.  We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.  If you don't like it for any reason, just ship it back to us with a note telling us that you would like a refund.  We will refund your card for the full purchase amount (minus the shipping).

We would also appreciate if if you tell us in short why you are returning the item.  That way we will know how to serve you better in the future.

What do I do of my item is defective or if it arrives damaged?

All of our items are packed and shipped by the staff at our store.  They look every item over for defects before they ship it.  They then pack it securely to make sure that it arrives in perfect condition.  But, nevertheless, mistakes do happen from time to time, and if you item does arrive damaged just send it back to us for an exchange and a full refund.  Also put a copy of your reciept for the shipping so that we can reimburse you for your shipping expenses.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once we receive your order, we will typically pack it and ship it on the same or the next business day as it is received.  Occasionally, an item which you have ordered may be found to be out of stock.  In this case we will call you immediately to find out if you would like to wait for the item to come in, choose a different item, or cancel your order.

Once you add an item to your cart, you will be shown a list of shipping options for your order.  Next to each shipping option, you will see the estimated shipping time.  Please keep in mind that it may take an extra one to two days in addition to the time displayed for the order to be packed and shipped.

If you choose an express shipping option, we will do everything possible to make sure that your order goes out at the soonest possible opportunity, so that you can receive it right away.  If you need a guaranteed shipping time, or overnight shipping, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

Yes.  We ship all items through the United States Postal service, allowing us to ship to all PO Boxes.

I would like my order shipped by UPS or FedEx.  Can you do that?
Currently, we do not ship via private carriers.  We have found over time that USPS Priority or Express Mail is very cost effective.

For example, a 1lb box shipped via UPS ground to NY will typically take 5 days and cost around $9.  The same box shipped via USPS Priority mail arrives in 2-3 days for only $6.25.

How do I know how much shipping will cost?

All domestic orders under 3 pounds qualify for free shipping.  We also offer other shipping options for faster delivery or heavier packages or international shipments.  As soon as  you add items to your cart, you will see the shipping estimator.  This will allow you to enter your postal code and see all of your shipping options based on what is in your cart.


How do I know what size Tallit to get?

This depends on how you like to wear your Tallit.

The traditional way to wear a Tallit is with two corners hanging in front and the rest of the Tallit with the other two corners draping in back.  This is the proper way according to Jewish Law.  This is because the blessing that we make when we put on the Tallit says, "...who commanded us to wrap ourselves in the Tallit."

To wear the Tallit in this way we recommend that you choose a Tallit which is at least 47 X 67 inches (size 50).  This is the minimum size that will allow you to wear the Tallit in the traditional fashion.  Larger sizes will allow the Tallit to drape down even longer in the back.

Tallit worn in the traditional fashion

If you prefer to wear you Tallit more like a scarf, you should choose 18" to 36" wide.  18" will allow you to wear the Tallit like a scarf without draping it.  24" or 36" will allow you to wear it more like a shawl or to fold it and wear it like a scarf.


Tallit worn like a scarf or a shawl
If you purchase a Tallit and find that it doesn't fit, just return it for an exchange or refund.  Whatever size you choose, you can be sure that our Tallitot are of the highest quality.

What is the difference between standard and Avodat Yad Tzitzit strings?

Jewish law requires that the strings of the Tzitzit be spun with the intention that they will be used for the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.  In the old days when string was spun by hand, this meant that the person spinning the string had to do it for the sake of the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.

Nowadays, most string is spun on machines.  This raises a question about the validity of such strings for use as Tzitzit.  Some rabbis have ruled that it is enough that the person operating the machine is making the strings for the sake of the Mitzvah.  Other Rabbis are more stringent and have ruled that the strings need to be spun by hand.

The standard Tzitzit strings that we offer with many of our Tallitot are made according to the former, more lenient opinion.  The Avodat Yad strings are entirely hand made for the sake of the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.

Since wearing a Tallit with Tzitzit is a biblical commandment, we recommend that you choose the Avodat Yad strings that are made according to the more stringent opinion, but we also offer the standard strings as a more economical option.

What are Tchelet Tzitzit strings?

The Torah commands us to make the Tzitzit with a thread of Techelet (usually translated as "blue").  The Torah is referring to a dye made from a specific type of sea creature that was common in ancient times.  After the Temple was destroyed, the Jewish people lost the tradition of how to make this dye.  The Rabbis ruled that the Mitzvah of Tzitzit could still be performed without the blue thread.  Since then, Jewish people all over the world have made their Tzitzit all white.

In the last hundred years, there have been various scholars who have tried to recreate the original Techelet dye used in Temple times.  They have done research based on ancient text and archeology.  One particular group in Israel called, The Association for the Promotion and Distribution of Tekhelet claims to have rediscovered the original Techelet.

There is an ongoing debate in the Jewish world whether it is worthwhile to use this dye.  Some say that if there is even a chance that it is the correct dye, it is worthwhile, especially because the Tzitzit would still be kosher even if its just a regular blue dye.

Others who base their opinion on Kabbalah say that Techelet is not supposed to be reintroduced until the times of Moshiach (the messiah).  Since Moshiach has not yet come, they say it is better not to use this dye. This is the prevelent opinion in the Jewish world today, but we will leave the decision up to you.


How do I know which custom of Tefillin to choose?

All customs are Kosher for all Jews.  That being said, it is preferable to maintain the custom of your family or community.  If you are still not sure which custom to choose it is probably best to ask your Rabbi.  In any case, whichever custom you choose, you can be assured that all of the Tefillin we sell are 100% Kosher. 

If all of your Tefillin are Kosher, what is the difference between "Kosher", "Superior" etc.?
The laws of how Tefillin are made are extremely complex.  For every part of the Tefillin there are many different opinions in Jewish law about how they should be made.  Some are more stringent and others are more lenient.

For example, there is a debate in Jewish law over whether the Tefillin box must be made out of one solid piece of leather or if it is sufficient to glue together several pieces thereby forming one piece.  The prevelant custom is to rely on the leninent opinion when neccesary.  But if one wants to fulfill the mitzvah of wearing Tefillin according to a higher standard they should choose Tefillin made from one piece. 

This is just one example of hundreds of rules where there are differences of opinion.  Generally our standard Kosher Tefillin are made according to the more lenient standard.  Our superior or deluxe Tefillin are made according to a more stringent standard for those who want to do the Mitzvah in the best way possible.

The general rule of thumb is that you should choose the best Tefillin that you can afford.

I write with my left hand and do work with my right hand.  Should I choose lefty or righty Tefillin?

For the purposes of Tefillin we determine if you are right or left handed by which hand you use to write.  So if you write with your left hand, you would choose lefty Tefillin.

If you alternate hands, you need to consult with a competent Rabbi to help you determine which arm to put Tefillin on. 

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