Ok, Maybe a Mezuzah Can Stop a Kassam but can it....

...stop Israels ultra-left media? Check out this story from ArutzSheva.com:

Workers for the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) have raised funds by themselves to affix mezuzot in studios and workrooms after the IBA did not comply with requests by employees, according to the Chabad website. The mezuzah is required by Jewish law and is found in every government room and on almost every store and home in the country. 

There was no explanation from the IBA why its rooms lacked the mezuzah. Channel One television reporter Uri Revach, whose office is an informal synagogue, initiated the fundraising to buy 40 mezuzot. 

However, dozens of IBA studios and workroom lack a mezuzah. "A kosher mezuzah affects the room to which it is affixed, and a kosher mezuzah at an office where it is decided what is broadcast will only help to create a positive influence," he said.

I think stopping Kassam rockets may be a bit easier than influencing the Israeli media. What do you think?

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