More Mezuzahs for Florida's Government offices!

In October I reported to you that Florida's Governor, Charlie Crist, had affixed a Mezuzah to his office in the Capitol. Crist, as you may have suspected, is not a member of the tribe. Some of you were in favor of this and some against. 

Well, I guess that some of the Jewish members of government in Florida felt funny that the Gentile governor had a Mezuzah on his office and they didn't. It seems that House Majority leader Adam Hasner (Jewish) called up Chabad's Rabbi Oirchman and asked him to put up a Mezuzah on his office. 

Two weeks later the Rabbi got a call from the Minority Leader, Dan Gelber. 

I wonder if we will see a day when there will be Mezuzahs on the White House and the Congress?

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