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You've Heard of Palm Reading...But What About Mezuzah Reading?

Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths writes the following:

A friend of mine, Daniel, was learning in a yeshiva in Brooklyn. He was having a problem and thought that maybe Rabbi Ben Tov could look as his mezuzah and tell him what he should change in his life. He took the mezuzah from his apartment’s front doorpost to the rabbi. The rabbi looked at the mezuzah and accused him of some very shocking things. 

“You have been learning the new testament for a long time!” 

“What!” Daniel was shocked. “You are married to a non-Jewish woman and you are a missionary!” 

He grabbed the mezuzah from the rabbi’s hand and ran out screaming about how crazy the rabbi was to say such things. 

He went back to his apartment and was complaining to his roommate about what happened. His roommate had long peyos (side locks), wore a black hat and long back coat, and learned in the yeshiva with Daniel. 

“You gotta hear what this crazy rabbi said,” Daniel told him. And he proceeded to tell him all of the things that Rabbi Ben Tov accused him of doing. His roommate looked down and confessed. Indeed he had been learning the new testament for years, was married to a non-Jewish woman, and was a secret missionary! They shared the same one-room apartment with the same mezuzah!

You can read the full post here 

I have been hearing more and more stories like this over the last few years. People who bring their Mezuzahs to "Mezuzah Readers" like the rabbi in the story. They claim that the Rabbi can tell all kinds of things about them by looking at the scroll in their Mezuzah. Let me just say that I am extremely skeptical of this practice. To me it seems no different than people who read palms, horoscopes, Tarot cards etc. etc. etc. 

If you would like to read more about the techniques used by these types I would recommend visiting

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