Printable Mezuzah Scroll Update

On Sunday I posted about my little project to take over the Google search results for terms like "Printable Mezuzah".   My goal was that people who are searching for a printable Mezuzah scroll would end up on a page on my site that explains why it is so important to have a real, Kosher Mezuzah scroll. 

Well now it is Tuesday and it seems to be working quite well.  If I do a Google search for "Printable Mezuzah" here is what I get

You can see in the image above that the top result is a site that links my blog post.  The second link is to the page I created.  The third link is to the blog post.  Of course at the time that you are reading this the results on Google may have changed.  But at least for now I feel I have succeeded in my goal.

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  • Thank you for explaining for those us us who are learning. God bless you.

    katie b. on

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