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The Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift

Jewish Wedding
When someone dear to you is getting married, it can be very difficult to choose a gift for them. Usually you want to get them something that:
  • Is beautiful and/or romantic to fit the occasion of a wedding
  • Is unique
  • Nobody else will get for them
  • Is meaningful
  • They will remember you by
If it is a Jewish wedding, you will also be looking for something that fits the theme of beginning a new Jewish family.
We have all been in this situation. A wedding is coming up and you want to get the couple a nice, meaningful gift. You go online and browse their registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and other similar sites. You see a lot of really nice things that you would love to get them. The sterling silver platter for $800 is beyond your budget and you don't want to get them a single place setting from the tableware for $89 a setting because who is going to remember who got them each of the 8 sets?! This is someone who you love and want to do something for them that they will really appreciate and remember.
I would like to suggest to you that perhaps the best gift that you can get for a Jewish wedding is a Mezuzah. Think about it. The Mezuzah is the perfect gift on so many levels:
  • Every Jewish home needs a Mezuzah. 
  • Mezuzahs come in many styles and colors to fit anyones taste. 
  • A Mezuzah is a meaningful gift that is a symbol of blessing and protection for their new home
  • Every time they go in or out of their home for years or decades to come, they will see the Mezuzah and remember your care for them
  • A Jewish home should ideally have a Mezuzah on every door so even if they get one from someone else, they are very unlikely to get the same exact one and they can put one on their front door and one on their bedroom or dining room door.
  •  A nice Mezuzah with a Kosher scroll can cost as little as $45 or as much as $300, this means that there is almost certainly a Mezuzah within your price range.
We often get people (especially non-Jewish friends who are going to a Jewish wedding) who ask if a Mezuzah will be an appropriate gift. Some people are concerned that it might be seen as being too religious for a secular couple. Let me assure you that it is very common for even the most secular Jewish couples to have at least one Mezuzah in their home on their front door and many have Mezuzahs throughout the home.
I hope that I have persuaded you that a Mezuzah is really one of the best gifts that you can get for a Jewish wedding. We do have a line of Mezuzahs that are specifically wedding themed, but don't forget that almost any Mezuzah can make a great wedding gift as long as it fits the taste of the receivers. 

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