How to roll a Mezuzah scroll

Every now and then people ask us how to roll up a Mezuzah scroll.  When you purchase a one of our Kosher Mezuzah scrolls, you will receive it already rolled up and wrapped in plastic wrap for protection. But you may need to roll the scroll yourself after you get it checked or just because you were curious and couldn't help opening up the scroll to look at it. 

We made this handy guide to help you understand how to roll your Mezuzah scroll:

How to roll a Mezuzah scroll

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  • Hi Ross,

    Since Hebrew is written from right to left and Shema is the first word of the Mezuzah, I can’t understand how the word Shema could be on the left? Am I missing something?


    Aaron Shaffier

    Aaron Shaffier - on
  • Thank you for such a perfect example of rolling the scroll. My ‘Shema’ is at the left of the top yours is shown at the right. Does that matter? The word ‘sha-dai’ is shown correctly when it is rolled.
    Thank you,

    Ross Best on
  • Thanks for helping me roll a new Mezuzah Scroll for a new Mezuzah. I hope I rolled all my other ones properly, but I just can’t take all of the Mezuzahs down to assure myself. They were put up years ago with my following a traditional Jewish book.

    Suzanne on

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