We are giving away a $75 gift certificate. No Joke!

Free Gift CertificateThose of you who have been following our Facebook Page already know that we have been having fun giving away free stuff. Well, its been a couple of months since we gave anything away and we decided you guys deserve more!

Over the next few days, we are holding a contest on Facebook for a $75 gift certificate to our store. That is enough to get yourself a new Tallit or a nice Mezuzah with a scroll

It is very simple. Just go to the contest tab on our Facebook Fan Page. Click on the 'Enter' button at the bottom and tell us why you deserve to win. We will choose a winner next week based on the following factors:

  • Best answer
  • Most votes.
  • Best comments on your submission.
Don't miss out on this. We have already given away a few gift certificates to some of our lucky Facebook Fans. You can be next.

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