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Here you can browse our selection of Mezuzah Cases. On each product page you will find a dropdown menu that allows you to choose if you need only the Mezuzah Case (like if you have your own scroll already) or if you would like to add the scroll as well. If you select to add the scroll we will ship it already inserted into the case and ready to affix to your door! 

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Birchat Habayit Mezuzah


Temple Mount Mezuzah


Outdoor Aluminum Mezuzah


Birchat Cohanim Mezuzah


Home Blessing Mezuzah


Angel Mezuzah - Blue


Kotel Mezuzah


Starlight Pewter Mezuzah


Colorful Flowers Mezuzah

On Sale for $39.99

On Sale

Peaceful Night Mezuzah


Designer Mezuzah - Pewter


Blue Tribes Mezuzah


Outdoor Brass Mezuzah


Golden Jerusalem


Square Pewter Mezuzah


Mazal Mezuzah


Pewter Mezuzah