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How to Make Kiddush

Kiddush is the central ritual of the Shabbat meals.  Kiddush is said twice every Shabbat, once before Friday night dinner and once before lunch.  The Kiddush for the night is different from the Kiddush for the day.  Here’s how it’s done.

Take a cup which holds at least 3.5 ounces and fill it up with the Kosher wine or grape juice of your choice.  (By the way, it doesn’t have to be that sweet concord wine you may be used to.  You should use a wine that you like to drink so that the Mitzvah will be done with joy.)  Many people have a custom to fill the cup until it spills over a little.  This is in order to symbolize abundant joy. 

Hold the cup in your right hand and say the Kiddush.

On Friday night say:


Yom Ha-shi-shi.Va-y'chu-lu Ha-sha-ma-yim v'ha-a-retz, v'chawl^ts'va-am. 
va-y'chal e-lo-him ba-yom ha-sh'vi-i, m'lach-to a-sher a-sa 
va-yish-bot ba-yom ha-sh'vi-i, mi-kawl^m'lach-to a-sher a-sa. 
va-y'va-rech e-lo-him et yom ha-sh'vi-i, va-y'ka-deish o-to 
ki vo sha-vat mi-kawl^m'lach-to a-sher ba-ra e-lo-him la-a-sot. 
Sav-rei ma-ra-nan! Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai, E-lo-hei-nu me-lech ha-o-lam, 
bo-rei p'ri ha-ga-fen. 
A-mein.   Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai, E-lo-hei-nu, me-lech ha-o-lam,
a-sher ki-d'sha-nu b'mits-vo-tav v'ra-tsa va-nu, 
v'sha-bat kawd'sho 
b'a-ha-va uv'ra-tson 
zi-ka-ron l'ma-a-sei v'rei-shit. 
T’chi-la l'mik-ra-ei^ko-desh, 
ze-cher li-tsi-at Mits-ra-yim. 
Ki va-nu va-char-ta 
v'o-ta-nu ki-dash-ta 
v'Sha-bat kawd-sh'cha 
b'a-ha-va u-v'ra-tson 
 Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai, m'ka-deish ha-Sha-bat. A-mein.  

At lunch on Saturday say:


Za-chor et yom ha-Sha-bat l'ka-d'sho.
Shei-shet ya-mim ta^a-vod, v'a-si-ta kawl m'lach-te-cha.
V'yom ha-sh'vi^i, Sha-bat La-do-nai E-lo-he-cha,
lo ta^a-seh chawl m'la-cha,
a-tah u-vin-cha u-vi-te-cha,
av-d'cha va^a-ma-t'cha, uv-hem-te-cha,
v'gei-r'cha a-sher bish-a-re-cha.
Ki shei-shet ya-mim, a-sa A-do-nai
et ha-sha-ma-yim, v'et ha^a-rets,
et ha-yam, v'et kawl a-sher bam
va-ya-nach ba-yom ha-sh'vi^i.
  Al kein bei-rach A-do-nai et yom ha-Sha-bat va-y'ka-d'shei-hu. Sav-rei ma-ra-nan! Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai,
E-lo-hei-nu me-lech ha-o-lam,
bo-rei p'ri ha-ga-fen.

A-mein. )

Now sit down and drink at least half of the cup.  After you finish your half cup, distribute a little bit of the wine to all of those present.  After everyone has had some wine, go wash, eat the Challah and enjoy your Shabbat meal

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