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Bride and Groom Mezuzah
Robin B. Klein (Wanaque, US)
Wedding Gift

The bride and groom menorah is absolutely beautiful! Fast Delivery. Very reputable company. I called to make sure I got a lighter shade pewter mezuzah. Israel answered the phone and honored my request. Very highly recommend this company and their product!

Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
Marlina Fol (New York, US)
Simple but fantastic Mezuzah

This is a simple but great mezuzah for outside the door. It comes with the option of nailing the mezuzah or the double sided adhesive to easily place your mezuzah on the door. Simple but elegant. And nice that you can see the scroll. I received my shipment quickly. I was even updated by text at when the package arrived. I ordered 3 mezuzahs total for inside and outside doors in the home. Its a great gift idea for family and loved ones as it is also very special to be able to see the scroll inside. If you need a mezuzah for your home or as a gift. I chose to purchase from this store as I had seen the press for your store. And I believe your products are very high quality, come packaged very nicely. And come with a nicely done pamphlet about the mezuzah and instructions. I’m happy to have purchased from you. This store puts a lot of effort into the quality of the mezuzah and the scroll, packaging and entire process. You can even receive text alerts to know when your mezuzah has been delivered. Fast delivery as well. I will buy from you again!

Israel Shoreline Stone Mezuzah
Marlina Fol (New York, US)
Amazing, beautiful, precious Mezuzah, like an ancient artifact. Craftsmanship is impeccable.

This mezuzah carved out of Jerusalem stone is absolute perfection. It exceeded my expectations. I bought 3 mezuzah for each door in the home and outside the home. For my new home I wanted something special. What could be more special to bless your home then a mezuzah carved out of Jerusalem stone. The craftsmanship is meticulous, I purchased the scroll as well. On the back of the mezuzah is double sided tape to easily and effortlessly place your mezuzah. This would make for a beautiful and priceless addition to anyones home, or serve as a great gift. I am surprised at the lack of reviews on the mezuzahs made out of Jerusalem stone. More people should purchase the carved Jerusalem stone mezuzahs. They are a double blessing for your home. The photos do not do this breathtaking piece of art Justice. Thank you will buy again.

Jerusalem Stone Blessings Mezuzah
Marlina Fol (New York, US)
This is a beautiful Mezuzah

I received this mezuzah only two days after putting in an order and I ordered 3 mezuzah and they came perfectly packaged. This Mezuzah completely surpassed my expectations. It is a beautifully carved and well made mezuzah it is a large size, and you can feel the weight that it is exceptional quality and would make a gorgeous gift, and beautiful like an artifact to treasure in your home, and or outside door. I am very satisfied. The scroll is meticulously placed in the back. This comes with a really nicely made instructions pamphlet. I would highly recommend purchasing from thr mezuzah store. And I would highly reccomend this beautifully crafted well made mezuzah of Jerusalem stone. I bought this for my new home. And am very happy. More beautiful in person then the photo could achieve. Thank you.

Square Pewter Mezuzah
R.G. (Springfield, US)
Pewter - too dark

I liked the decor of this mezuzah but is definitely a dark metal (almost light black) versus lighter silver & sparkly like shown online .
Now I have to pay to ship back 2 mezuzahs since the color is very different than online! Bad choice

Designer Mezuzah - Pewter
R.G. (Springfield, US)
Too dark color- pewter

I liked the decor of this mezuzah but is definitely a dark metal (almost light black) versus lighter silver & sparkly like shown online .
Now I have to pay to ship back 2 mezuzahs since the color is very different than online! Bad choice

Ocean Mezuzah
R.G. (Springfield, US)
Be gone blue

While the ocean blue color is pretty, there is no backing & no proper nail hole (only inside and does not fit tiny nail) for adding to an outdoor entrance .
The order details in the package did not include any instructions to return other mezuzahs ordered . When I called, they seemed very unorganized and unclear as to how purchases are returned! 😩

Angel Mezuzah -Midnight Blue
Jenn Dubinsky (Deerfield, US)
Not what arrived

This is not at all what I received. If you tilt the mezuzah a little bit you can see blue - but this is not what I got at all. I am extremely disappointed

Tree of Life Mezuzah - Pewter
Renee Rov (San Diego, US)
Exactly what we wanted!

A family member took my grandmother's Mezuzah, and I was heartbroken that I couldn't put it up in our new house. But I love our Tree of life Mezuzah! It came very quickly, and with a pamphlet on how to put it up, along with the prayer in romanized format so we could pronounce it. I hope to pass it on to my son and have it be a new family relic.
One thing to note: it came with silver screws, but the Mezuzah was actually much darker. I didn't like the contrast, but luckily we had matching ones.

Home Blessing Mezuzah
Patricia (Watkinsville, US)
Very Satisfied

Beautiful item. Excellent shopping experience.
One thing. The glass top and bottom is a lot darker (almost black) than the picture online. Still, it is a beautiful piece. Love the pamphlet that comes with it.

Olive Branches Mezuzah - Blue
C.A. (Blokzijl, NL)
Different colour

I 'm a bit disappointed. The colour is not at all as on the picture.
The picture is beautifull blue green and the one I received is plain blue.
What I find really strange is that there is no backside to close it.
And the screws they sent are way too small.
Beware that if you order from Europe it will cost you 10 dollars more .

Mezuzah case

Would purchase again. Great service. Informs you of location every step of delivery. Just like the picture.

Marble Mezuzah-Black
Michael Kolodny (La Cañada Flintridge, US)
Quick delivery

Unfortunately it arrived broken
Requesting a refund or replacement

Thank you

Angel Mezuzah -Midnight Blue
Nikolai Gibbons (Macomb, US)
Nice but not true color

The picture makes it look silver and deep blue with a metallic flow, very beautiful! The actual color is almost all dark metal with little contrast. I loved the picture and was disappointed when I opened it up.

Starlight Pewter Mezuzah
Beth Seymour (Coatesville, US)

Although I am not Jewish, I love the sentiment behind hanging a mezuzah by the door. When I saw this one, I knew it was perfect for me! It’s whimsical, yet beautiful. I am very pleased!

Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
Glenn Stern (Midlothian, US)
Judaica At It’s Finest

For potential purchasers of the Lucite mezuzah, who may think it is chintsy because of its price, fear not. The Lucite mezuzah has a beauty all its own and is in a class by itself. The scroll is visible inside the mezuzah, and it’s nearness in that sense brings a warmth that only G_d could bring to your very home
G_d Bless you all for bringing these treasures and prayers back to us.

Blue Stone Mezuzah
Anonymous (Apopka, US)

Perfect for us. Nice quality! Great customer service, too!

Gates of Gold Mezuzah
B.H. (Prattville, US)
Nice item

Nice quality item with good information sheet enclosed, useful to share with neighbors who have never seen one before.

Blue Flowers Mezuzah
Aaron Perna (Phoenix, US)

Absolutely perfect in every way. Mezuzah is beautiful and came fast and safely packaged. Thank you so much!

Tree of Life Mezuzah - Pewter
Ellen Stein (East Brunswick, US)
Beautiful mezzuzah

Gorgeous worksmanship. Delicate details and a beautiful look. Very impressive delivery and easy to follow instructions for placement. Exactly as ordered.

Tree of Life Mezuzah - Pewter
Scott Emsley (Delta, CA)
Great communication but…

Communication from start to end of delivery was excellent. One complaint that another customer noted also is the item I selected is silver but when received was black. See photo. I’m not one to try and clean it so was disappointed the item did not arrived as advertised.

Blue Tribes Mezuzah
Jeanne Bowden (Gardena, US)
I am so happy

This will be beautiful in my new house
I don’t want to unwrap until I get there!!
I chose it because of the ring I wear from a kibutz in Israel outside of Jerusalem
This will give me Joy for many years

Pearlescent Pewter Mezuzah
Adrienne Buscema (Jacksonville, US)
No certificate of authenticity in the box.

Well the quality of the Mezuzah is cheap plastic and the fixing behind is cheap too.. I didn't find any certificate of authentication for the Kosher scroll..

Making all welcome !

This Mezuzah is a welcome tool at St.Columban’s Celtic Orthodox Chapel! It has a multitude of mods here ! Apart from the intended it will also be a reminder that we Christians are Brothers to Judaism ✡️ ☦️ !

Olive Branches Mezuzah
Roy Randy Briones (Tanza, PH)
Loved it!

The Mezuzah is actually big, and its size makes it visible from a short distance. It came with double sided tape and with two nails to ensure that you will affix it on your doorpost securely. I like its design, as well.