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Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
Glenn Stern (Midlothian, US)
Judaica At It’s Finest

For potential purchasers of the Lucite mezuzah, who may think it is chintsy because of its price, fear not. The Lucite mezuzah has a beauty all its own and is in a class by itself. The scroll is visible inside the mezuzah, and it’s nearness in that sense brings a warmth that only G_d could bring to your very home
G_d Bless you all for bringing these treasures and prayers back to us.

Blue Stone Mezuzah
Anonymous (Apopka, US)

Perfect for us. Nice quality! Great customer service, too!

Gates of Gold Mezuzah
B.H. (Prattville, US)
Nice item

Nice quality item with good information sheet enclosed, useful to share with neighbors who have never seen one before.

Blue Flowers Mezuzah
Aaron Perna (Phoenix, US)

Absolutely perfect in every way. Mezuzah is beautiful and came fast and safely packaged. Thank you so much!

Tree of Life Mezuzah - Pewter
Ellen Stein (East Brunswick, US)
Beautiful mezzuzah

Gorgeous worksmanship. Delicate details and a beautiful look. Very impressive delivery and easy to follow instructions for placement. Exactly as ordered.

Tree of Life Mezuzah - Pewter
Scott Emsley (Delta, CA)
Great communication but…

Communication from start to end of delivery was excellent. One complaint that another customer noted also is the item I selected is silver but when received was black. See photo. I’m not one to try and clean it so was disappointed the item did not arrived as advertised.

Blue Tribes Mezuzah
Jeanne Bowden (Gardena, US)
I am so happy

This will be beautiful in my new house
I don’t want to unwrap until I get there!!
I chose it because of the ring I wear from a kibutz in Israel outside of Jerusalem
This will give me Joy for many years

Pearlescent Pewter Mezuzah
Adrienne Buscema (Jacksonville, US)
No certificate of authenticity in the box.

Well the quality of the Mezuzah is cheap plastic and the fixing behind is cheap too.. I didn't find any certificate of authentication for the Kosher scroll..

Making all welcome !

This Mezuzah is a welcome tool at St.Columban’s Celtic Orthodox Chapel! It has a multitude of mods here ! Apart from the intended it will also be a reminder that we Christians are Brothers to Judaism ✡️ ☦️ !

Olive Branches Mezuzah
Roy Randy Briones (Tanza, PH)
Loved it!

The Mezuzah is actually big, and its size makes it visible from a short distance. It came with double sided tape and with two nails to ensure that you will affix it on your doorpost securely. I like its design, as well.

Music Lovers Mezuzah - Orange
Sheryl (Belleville, US)

Arrived quickly!! This is a gift for a dear friend who is a music teacher for autistic children. It looks as special and beautiful as she is! It was also boxed so that we could just put it in a gift bag. The scroll is sealed really well so even if she mounts it on an outside door, it will be well protected!

Angel Mezuzah -Midnight Blue
Natalie Friedman (Northbrook, US)
Different color

We are happy with the Angel mezuzah-blue but the color shown is not the actual color of the mezuzah. Ours is a dark muddy blue not the bright blue as shown. Aside from the color we like it.

Ten Commandments Mezuzah
Amber Biever (Hayward, US)
The scroll is not the 10 commandments

The pamphlet shows that the scroll is not the "10 commandments" and it does not look hand written or kosher..there is also no metal backing only sticky tape.

The main problem that makes me dissatisfied with this purchase is that we are not told to put the instructions of writing the Commandment on the the doorpost. This is not acceptable to me.
Now i must purchase an additional scroll yay actually has the 10 commandments.

Jewish Mezuzahs do not contain the text of the 10 commandments. They contain the 'Shema Yisrael' prayer from Deuteronomy 6.
All of our Mezuzahs are hand written on Klaf (leather parchment) according to Halacha (Jewish ritual law). Each scroll is carefully inspected by a trained scribe to assure that it conforms with all of the requirements.
This product is called 10 commandments Mezuzah because it has an image of the Tablets of the 10 commandments on the case. The scroll of course contains the text of 'Shma Yisrael' like every Jewish Mezuzah in the world.

Outdoor Aluminum Mezuzah-black
Jessica Hoffman (Portland, US)
Love my new outdoor Mezuzah!

Mezuzah came just as advertised, faster than expected, and with the scroll well protected. Very happy with my new front door mezuzah!

Starlight Pewter Mezuzah
Angela Pond (Greentown, US)
Happy House

I’m not Jewish but discovered this tradition from a show I’m watching. The colors reflect the light very nicely and make it sparkle. It’s my little happy house 😊

Etz Hayim Mezuzah
Angela Pond (Greentown, US)
Blessing tree

I’m not Jewish but I discovered this tradition from a show I’m watching. I love that this tree blesses our visitors as they arrive and depart. The quality is excellent and it makes me happy 😊

Shema Mezuzah
Jenna Kissel (Boone, US)

Very pretty. It was larger than I expected. The sticky backing is very strong so make sure it is exactly where you want it before hanging it.

Shema Mezuzah
C.J. (Manassas, US)
Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

There were so many selections to choose from but, I kept coming back to this particular one. This mezuzah is even more beautiful in person and the details are so intricate.
I was equally pleased that my mezuzah arrived earlier than expected 🙂. I will be a repeat customer ❤️!

Pewter Wave Mezuzah
Anonymous (St. Petersburg, US)
nice pewter Mezuzot

very happy about these basic but attractive mezuzot. they are well-made and the nails were provided also. we bought these for additional doors (to garage, to porch/yard, etc.), not the main front door.

Butterfly Mezuzah - Blue
Heather Rennae (Denver, US)
Cute and sparkly

The blue butterflies were just what I needed to compliment my room. Only complaint is that it did not fit the 4" scroll I had previously purchased from The scroll compartment does not extend the length of this mezuzah. It is boxed in at either end, and even at an angle, I had to squish the scroll between the pewter divide and the wall on one end to make it fit. I would have taken a pic of the inside to show the size difference had I not stripped the top screw attaching it to the door frame. It's not coming off anytime soon!

Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
Nina (Paulden, US)
Beautifuly written

This arrived fast opened it up they are longer then I thought but works ok in my Mezuzah's and the only problem I had was getting the wrapping off (OY VEY) I don't like the blessing wrapped I feel it should be unwrapped in the Mezuzah. Other then that I can see it is hand written because there was some letters that were written with more ink. then others on one of the blessing and the other one was all the same. I would buy again as needed.

Mystic Mezuzah
Heather Rennae (Denver, US)
Mystical & Mysterious Looking

Received my mezuzah quickly and well packaged. The blue enamel background is much darker than pictured and there are some imperfections in the emblem, but who among us is ever perfect. I know they say you don't need one for the bathroom, but I consider my time soaking in the tub very spiritual since I have no local mikvah, so I decided it was just as important of a living area as any other room. They say many people also die on their toilet, so I figured it couldn't hurt to have some extra protection in there along with reciting the Asher Yatzar.

Midnight Jerusalem Pewter Mezuzah
Heather Rennae (Denver, US)
Blessed dreams

The Midnight Jerusalem Pewter mezuzah is more stunning in person. Very solid and heavy. I used the provided two-sided tape and nails to secure it to my door frame. It matches all the colors of my bedroom and will undoubtedly bless me with sound sleep.

Outdoor White Mezuzah
Hadas (Greenwich, US)
Outdoor and indoor mezuzahs

Kol israel achim and I really want to give this store a good review in spite of the fact my mezuzahs were delivered to a different house in the other side of town (luckily I drove there and the tenants were nice enough to hand me my mezuzahs) and in spite of the fact I accidentally had purchased one more mezuzah then I really needed, emailed the store (Aaron) and did not get any reply (they just charged for me this mezuzah). Oh well...
2 out of the 5 mezuzahs I ordered fell only after a few hours of installing. Other then all of that, I am totally happy and thankful for my beautiful mezuzahs.

Sequins Mezuzah
Linda Ivan

EXCELLENT quality and workmanship. You won't be disappointed!