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Free shipping on orders over $100

Extra Small Kosher Mezuzah Scroll. 2.8 inch

Extra Small Kosher Mezuzah Scroll. 2.8 inch


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Free shipping on orders over $100

A 2.8 inch handwritten Mezuzah scroll. Like all of our scrolls, this one is 100% guaranteed to be Kosher. Written in Israel and checked at Mezuzah Gallery by an expert scribe. We search high and low to bring you this scroll. There are only a few scribes in the world who are able to write Kosher scrolls this small. 

Size: 2.8 inches. 


Mezuzah Scroll Options:

If you choose "No Scroll", we'll ship you the Mezuzah with no scroll inside. Choose this option if you already have a scroll. 

If you need a scroll as well, choose "Add a Basic Kosher Scroll"We'll ship your Mezuzah with a scroll already rolled and inserted inside the Mezuzah.

Get Mezuzahs for Your Entire Home!

Mezuzahs bring blessing to your home. According to Jewish tradition, they should be on almost every door of your home. Besides the front door, Mezuzahs also go on the back door, bedroom doors and many other doors of your home. ships to the USA and most other countries via USPS. Shipping rates vary depending on your location and the type of shipping service you choose. If you would like to know the exact shipping cost for your order, simply add the items to your cart and log in to your account. All of your shipping options and prices will be displayed. Free shipping is available on domestic orders over $100

Extra Small Kosher Mezuzah Scroll. 2.8 inch

$59.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
John (Melbourne, US)

Very good packaging.
Excellent tracking and notification of where the purchase was in the process. Upon receiving the scroll was placed into the holder (from the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia) and placed at the doorway where I come in and out every day.

Thaddea-Julie Guzman (Peekskill, US)
Precious Scroll

Got the scroll in mail. Great.

Arel Mishory (Baltimore, US)
I was amazed to find this source.

The scroll came very tightly wrapped-and from the outside it didn't appear to be parchment. When I called the store, the person answering hte call insisted that it of course was parchment. I feel a bit uncertain, but am relying on hte response I got and customer reviews that indicated that the scroll is indeed "kosher". Our local sofer did not make it seem possible that I would find a kosher scroll that tiny. I appreciate how difficult it is to write something that small and fulfill all hte requirements-and for such an affordable price. I found an incredible mezuzah holder at a local upscale consignment place that is artist made-and purchased it even though I was not certain about finding a scroll. It was "just one of those things". Joyfully, now that I have polished up the mezuzah (which was sterling silver and copper and gem stone) so that really looks spectacular, and I have the scroll, I am looking forward to putting it up in a prominent place. That will be the hard part as each mezuzah holder I already have is cherished. I am so grateful to The Mezuzah Store and its customer service. AS stated before, the scroll came very quickly and was well protected. Kudos and all the best. Your selection of mezuzah holders is magnificent-too bad we downsized already-but I will keep this in mind for gifts.

Richard Miller (Show Low, US)
Just what I needed

I needed a scroll for the mezuzah my daughter had bought for me when she was in Israel. The small size fit perfectly.

Judith Helfand (Tucson, US)
Perfect - Extra Small Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

Over the years I have often purchased items from the Mezuzah Store. As usual, I found exactly what I needed when our son presented us with a new Mezuzah. Shopping on the Mezuzah Store website is easy, efficient and comes with perfect follow-ups from the staff. This includes a thank you email from Aaron Shaffier. Today as we prepare for the first night of Hanukkah 2018, we will add the scroll to our new mezuzah and place it in our doorway.

Alyssa Howell (Buffalo Grove, US)

I’m in the process of converting orthodox and I feel so much closer to my goal now that I have these Mezuzahs! It was exactly what my now-Jewish-home needed. Thank you so much!

Sonia Gregerson (Pittsburg, US)
New customer

I had been given a Mezuzah many years ago and was not sure if it was still kosher. I found your site after I researched what it meant to be kosher, I ordered your Mezuzah as I wanted to assure it was proper one.


Do your mezuzahs come with a scroll inside?

We sell the Mezuzah cover and the Mezuzah scroll separately.  This is because some people already have scrolls which they purchased from their Rabbi or Synagogue.  Others may already have a Mezuzah with a scroll and they just want to switch the Mezuzah cover to a different one to match their decor etc.

In order to make it easier for you, every product page has an option to add the proper sized Kosher scroll.  If you choose this option, you will receive your Mezuzah with the scroll already wrapped in protective covering and inserted into your Mezuzah cover.

Who certifies your Mezuzahs?

All of our Mezuzahs are guaranteed to be 100% Kosher.  They are hand written by expert scribes in Israel.  They are then computer checked for textual errors.  Finally they are checked by and expert scribe at our workshop in Los Angeles.

Currently there is no organization anywhere that certifies Mezuzahs as Kosher.  But you can rest assured that our Mezuzahs are 100% Kosher.  In fact we are the source of Mezuzahs for many Orthodox Rabbis as well as synagogues and Chabad Houses all over the country.

What makes a Mezuzah "Kosher"?

A Kosher Meuzah is handwritten on parchment by a scribe who is trained in the laws of writing a Mezuzah.  A scroll which is reproduced by machine, or not written according to the laws of the Torah, is not Kosher.  Read our "About Mezuzahs" page to learn more about Mezuzahs.

I am not religious.  Can I get a Non-Kosher scroll?

At we believe very much in the importance of having Kosher Mezuzahs on every door of your home.  Although we don't judge someone who doesn't feel the need to have a Kosher Mezuzah, it would be wrong for us to sell something that we don't believe in.  Therefore we only sell Kosher Mezuzah scrolls even though we lose a lot of sales to people who don't want to pay for the scroll.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once we receive your order, we will typically pack it and ship it on the same or the next business day as it is received.  Occasionally, an item which you have ordered may be found to be out of stock.  In this case we will call you immediately to find out if you would like to wait for the item to come in, choose a different item, or cancel your order.

Once you add an item to your cart, you will be shown a list of shipping options for your order.  Next to each shipping option, you will see the estimated shipping time.  Please keep in mind that it may take an extra one to two days in addition to the time displayed for the order to be packed and shipped.

If you choose an express shipping option, we will do everything possible to make sure that your order goes out at the soonest possible opportunity, so that you can receive it right away.  If you need a guaranteed shipping time, or overnight shipping, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

Yes.  We ship all items through the United States Postal service, allowing us to ship to all PO Boxes.

I would like my order shipped by UPS or FedEx.  Can you do that?
Currently, we do not ship via private carriers.  We have found over time that USPS Priority or Express Mail is very cost effective.

For example, a 1lb box shipped via UPS ground to NY will typically take 5 days and cost around $9.  The same box shipped via USPS Priority mail arrives in 2-3 days for only $6.25.

How do I know how much shipping will cost?

All domestic orders under 3 pounds qualify for free shipping.  We also offer other shipping options for faster delivery or heavier packages or international shipments.  As soon as  you add items to your cart, you will see the shipping estimator.  This will allow you to enter your postal code and see all of your shipping options based on what is in your cart.


If I don't like the item I order, can I return it for a refund?

Yes.  We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.  If you don't like it for any reason, just ship it back to us with a note telling us that you would like a refund.  We will refund your card for the full purchase amount (minus the shipping).

We would also appreciate if if you tell us in short why you are returning the item.  That way we will know how to serve you better in the future.

What do I do of my item is defective or if it arrives damaged?

All of our items are packed and shipped by the staff at our store.  They look every item over for defects before they ship it.  They then pack it securely to make sure that it arrives in perfect condition.  But, nevertheless, mistakes do happen from time to time, and if you item does arrive damaged just send it back to us for an exchange and a full refund.  Also put a copy of your reciept for the shipping so that we can reimburse you for your shipping expenses.



Mezuzahs bring blessing to your home. According to Jewish tradition, they should be on almost every door of your home. Besides the front door, Mezuzahs also go on the back door, bedroom doors and many other doors of your home.


Our Scrolls

The scroll is the heart and soul of the Mezuzah so it is very important that it be 100% Kosher. 

All of our Mezuzah scrolls are handwritten by a certified Torah scribe on real calf-skin parchment. Each scroll is then scanned into a special computer program that checks it for mistakes. Finally each Mezuzah scroll is checked by our own in house Torah scribe to make sure that it is 100% Kosher.

Mezuzah Scrolls - 100% Kosher

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