Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
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Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

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Our lowest priced Mezuzah Scroll. Like all of our scrolls, this one is 100% guaranteed to be Kosher. Written in Israel and checked both by computer and at our center by an expert scribe. 
Size: 4 inches.

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Customer Reviews

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Devorah Calic (Las Cruces, US)
Beautiful quality mezuzah case and kosher scroll!

I am very pleased with this mezuzah. We needed something small because our doorpost is very narrow. This is a perfect fit. Ordering was easy. It’s comforting to know we have a mezuzah with a kosher scroll done by a Sofer from Israel! Thank you!

N.F. (Southport, US)
Lack of attention to detail

Unfortunately the mezuzah came with adhesive tape, more suitable for bathrooms, attached to the back. It was affixed crookedly with sloppy alterations along one side. This tape made it impossible to ascertain whether the scroll was included. When I contacted customer service I was told all the mezuzahs came with this tape and I could remove it if I wanted. Anyone who has used this tape knows that it does not come off easily and leaves a sticky residue. I did not want to damage the mezuzah or scroll. The online description did not mention the tape and said that nails were included for mounting (which there were). The lack of accuracy on line, the lack of attention to detail on the product as sent, and the lack of support from customer service, result in a very disappointed customer.

Marlina Fol (New York, US)
Simple but fantastic Mezuzah

This is a simple but great mezuzah for outside the door. It comes with the option of nailing the mezuzah or the double sided adhesive to easily place your mezuzah on the door. Simple but elegant. And nice that you can see the scroll. I received my shipment quickly. I was even updated by text at when the package arrived. I ordered 3 mezuzahs total for inside and outside doors in the home. Its a great gift idea for family and loved ones as it is also very special to be able to see the scroll inside. If you need a mezuzah for your home or as a gift. I chose to purchase from this store as I had seen the press for your store. And I believe your products are very high quality, come packaged very nicely. And come with a nicely done pamphlet about the mezuzah and instructions. I’m happy to have purchased from you. This store puts a lot of effort into the quality of the mezuzah and the scroll, packaging and entire process. You can even receive text alerts to know when your mezuzah has been delivered. Fast delivery as well. I will buy from you again!

Glenn Stern (Midlothian, US)
Judaica At It’s Finest

For potential purchasers of the Lucite mezuzah, who may think it is chintsy because of its price, fear not. The Lucite mezuzah has a beauty all its own and is in a class by itself. The scroll is visible inside the mezuzah, and it’s nearness in that sense brings a warmth that only G_d could bring to your very home
G_d Bless you all for bringing these treasures and prayers back to us.

Nina (Paulden, US)
Beautifuly written

This arrived fast opened it up they are longer then I thought but works ok in my Mezuzah's and the only problem I had was getting the wrapping off (OY VEY) I don't like the blessing wrapped I feel it should be unwrapped in the Mezuzah. Other then that I can see it is hand written because there was some letters that were written with more ink. then others on one of the blessing and the other one was all the same. I would buy again as needed.

Ellen Levine (Collingwood, CA)
Mezuzah Scroll

My scroll finally arrived yesterday and it’s too long to fit into my mezuzah. I’d like to return it. Do you sell shorter scrolls?

Alice Schubach (Cleveland, US)
Beautiful Mezuzah

My mezuzah and two kosher scrolls arrived promptly and were just as I expected.