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Silver Mezuzah - Floral and Diamond

Silver Mezuzah - Floral and Diamond

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The Italian art of silver and gold-smithing has been around for many generations. To truly be considered an artist, the skill must have been passed down from father to son.  Starting from the age of ten a boy would help in the workshop preparing and interweaving the silver threads.

In Italy, a person who wanted a piece of jewelry would give five silver coins to the silversmith. Three coins were melted for the jewel itself and the two other coins were the jeweler's fee. After two days of preparing the silver into threads and small silver domes, the jewelry was crafted in another day. Till this day modern silversmiths use ancient methods to make jewelry, maybe more advanced that 500 years ago, but still very old.

The designer of this exquisite piece combines modernity with traditional craftsmanship. Most pieces are made "for the soul", pieces that are hand carved, each small silver piece, each individual thread has a name.

The Floral and Diamond Mezuzah is handmade of Sterling Silver.

 Size: 4 inches. 

Take a 2.5 inch scroll. (Available below)



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