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Temple Mount Mezuzah

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Please note that each one of these pieces looks a bit different. This is because it is made from stone salvaged from the Temple Mount.

This is a very special Mezuzah with a very special story:

In 2003, the Waqf (Muslim religious authority that administers the Temple Mount) started to do massive construction on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In the course of this construction, they did a lot of excavation. This excavation was done without any regard to the extreme archeological sensitivity of the spot, which contains stones from the ruins of both the first and second Temples. They took the excavated material and hauled it to a garbage dump in the Kidron Valley outside of of the Old City of Jeruselem. 

At that time, an artist in Israel who heard about this story, decided to go to the dump and collect as many of these holy stones as he could. He formed these stones into Mezuzahs. In this way, he felt he could salvage something of the original holiness that these stones had. This is the Temple Mount Mezuzah that we are offering here. 

The rough center stone is cut from an actual stone from the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount stone is framed by smooth Jerusalem stone. A letter "Shin" of Jerusalem stone is attached on it's face.

Size: 4 inches

Takes a 2.5 inch Kosher scroll (available below.)


Affixes with very strong double sided mounting tape which is included.

Please note that the color will vary on this product.  Natural Jerusalem stone can range from off white to pink in color.  You can read more about Jerusalem stone here . Also, the Temple Mount stone in the middle will vary in texture and color based on what is available.  

Update: We are offering a special discount of 15% to customers who purchase 5 or more of this Mezuzah. If you are purchasing 5 or more, enter coupon code TempleMount into the coupon box at checkout and you will receive 15% percent off your entire order including anything else you may be purchasing. You can take advantage of this discount to put up Mezuzahs throughout your home or to have a very meaningful gift on hand for weddings, housewarmings etc.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Temple Mount Mezzuzah

Lightweight, nice coloring. Good adhesive.

Great Choice

Very happy with the look, quality and size.

Temple Mount Mezuzah

Beautiful piece. Exceed my expectation. Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks Mezuzah !!

Temple Mount Mezuzah

Very happy with my purchase, amazing color, quality and owning a piece of history with a spiritual function as a mezuzah is a great honor thank you

Temple Mount Mezuzah

As your site states the color may vary, mine is pink/red , it is beautiful ! It was great doing business, I will purchase again.


I order this for the reason I will not be going to Jerusalem, I can not afford it, I want to touch the land of city of great kings, and feel the spirit in my heart, seeing the land would be great. having touch the stone of old city, make me wont to see the new temple.

Temple Mount Mezuzah

The temple Mount Mezuzah is beautiful and looks just like the picture. The only downside is that it adheres to the wall with a sticky back rather than a nail, which will potentially be an issue when we relocate.