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Buta Mezuzah-Mezuzah Store
Buta Mezuzah-Mezuzah Store
Buta Mezuzah-Mezuzah Store
Buta Mezuzah-Mezuzah Store
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Paisley Mezuzah


Sale price Regular price $35.00

A bright and lively metal Mezuzah with paisleys and flowers.


  • Measures 5 inches tall by 0.7 inches wide
  • Affixes with strong double sided mounting tape (included)
  • Takes a 4 inch scroll (available in the product options) 

Mezuzah Scroll Options:

If you choose "No Scroll", we'll ship you the Mezuzah with no scroll inside. Choose this option if you already have a scroll. 

If you need a scroll as well, choose "Add a Basic Kosher Scroll". We'll ship your Mezuzah with a scroll already rolled and inserted inside the Mezuzah.

Get Mezuzahs for Your Entire Home!

Mezuzahs bring blessing to your home. According to Jewish tradition, they should be on almost every door of your home. Besides the front door, Mezuzahs also go on the back door, bedroom doors and many other doors of your home.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful but not perfect

The gems look uneven. Otherwise, still a spectacular item to behold once you open the box.

Poor customer service and disappointing product

I ordered this mezuzah for my daughter, who's away at college. After I placed my order, the Mezuzah Store sent me a code for 10% off for repeat customers. Since I was already a repeat customer, I inquired several times whether I should've gotten this offer up front. No response. In the meantime, my daughter told me that the peel off adhesive was very weak, and insufficient to stick the mezuzah to her door post. This led me to believe the Mezuzah had been in storage for a long time, losing its stickiness along the way. Either that, or the mezuzah simply was given inadequate adhesive. Unfortunately, no other mechanism was provided to mount the mezuzah, such as little nails. For $71 (including parchment), I expected more.

We're sorry you weren't happy with your experience. Just to clarigy, we don't offer an automatic discount to repeat customers but we do send out coupon codes from time to time for those who are subscribed to email notifications. Some of those codes are only valid for repeat orders. We don't generally apply coupon codes after orders have been placed. The Buta Mezuzah only affixes with mounting tape. It doesn't have holes for nails. The mounting tape is usually very strong. We're sorry that the tape didn't seem to stick well in your case. It's very important that the door frame be clean and dry for the tape to stick. In any case we have a no questions asked return and exchange policy and are happy to replace it with a new one or a different Mezuzah if you like. Thanks.
Beautiful mezuzah, kosher scroll and excellent customer service

I ordered the Buta Mezuzah (with a scroll) because it was beautiful and because the bottom opens so that the scroll can be removed without taking the case off the wall. When they arrived, I found that I could not remove the scroll - even with tweezers and tugging back and forth. I called, and the sofer who answered explained that the scroll had been attached with tape so that the ‘Sh-da-i’ would face the outside (which I had not realized was necessary). However, that negated the point of this type of case for me, and I was very unhappy. He said that I could return them, and they would remove the scroll (they have different tweezers than I do) and ship them back to me separated from each other. He even agreed to pay for my return shipping.
I could not have asked for better customer service. When I bring this to my friend, to put up in her new home, I will explain to her what he taught me - that the ‘Sh-da-i’ needs to face the outside. And I will check the placement of all the scrolls in my home now.