New Mezuzahs

New Mezuzahs

Stunning new Mezuzah designs to fit every taste. At we are always updating our collection to help you find something you'll love!

Copper Mezuzah


Open the Sea Mezuzah-blue

$39.95 $32.95

On Sale

Star of David Mezuzah-Brass


Pez Mezuzah


Gates of Gold Mezuzah

$44.95 $39.95

On Sale

Jerusalem Hamsa Mezuzah


Tropical Palm Leaf Mezuzah


Blue Peace Dove Mezuzah


Blue Jerusalem Mezuzah


Jerusalem Mezuzah


Tree of Life Mezuzah


Pink Star of David Mezuzah


Ladybug Glass Mezuzah

$44.95 $39.95

On Sale

Blue Lagoon Glass Mezuzah


Charms Mezuzah

$49.95 $45.00

On Sale

Riverbed Stone Mezuzah-gray

$59.95 $55.99

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Tuxedo Mezuzah


Sha-dai Stone Mezuzah