The Saga of our Facebook Profile Picture

We started our Facebook page a couple of years back when Facebook was relatively new. At the time, I didn't really understand much about what Facebook was, but I understood that it was getting to be big fast and we should have something there. 

When setting up the page I, of course, needed a profile picture. Back then, Facebook only allowed a very small profile picture. I took a detail from one our Mezuzahs and cropped it. It was bright and colorful, and in very small format it worked:

Today, I was looking at our page and thinking it is really time for something new. I thought it would be funny to play off of the Facbook color scheme but do something that had to do with Mezuzahs. Here is what I came up with:

I put it up on the page this morning to see what people think of it. People were very adamant that they don't like it. One person said the little "f" looks like a cross. Several people said it looks like a tombstone. It's kinda funny. I now see exactly what they are saying but it never occurred to me! First of all, I grew up in California where there are no tombstones in cemeteries, and now I live in Israel where the tombstones are rectangular. Also a lot of the older doors here are arched. 

To me it was clear that this was supposed to be a doorway with the little "f" in the place of a Mezuzah. But I guess when you live in America and it is only two months before Halloween, it brings different imagery to mind. So I changed it a bit and came up with this:

But still in the end, the clear consensus was that people just liked the old one better. So I played around with it a bit in Photoshop to make it larger and brighter. And here is our current profile pic:

Thanks to the following for helping me to see the light:

What do you think?

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