Could the Rick Perry Mezuzah be an early indicator of the 2012 Election?

Today we launched a new product that we call the "Rick Perry Mezuzah". No, don't worry, we are not taking sides in the political debate of the country! We did this to commemorate the Texas Mezuzah Law which overrides the rights of condominium associations to ban Mezuzahs on the doors. Since Governor Perry was the one who signed this into law, we thought we would name the Mezuzah after him. We also made it an inch bigger than the maximum size Mezuzah that is protected by the Texas law. We thought this would be a cute way to point out the absurdity of the need for such a law. You can read more about this here.

Whenever we launch a new product that we think is interesting, we send out an email to those customers who have opted to be on our email list. A fact of sending out marketing emails is that if you send out emails to thousands of people, there will always be a few who will unsubscribe from the list even though they asked to be on it. That is fine with us. We only want to send out emails to people who want to get them and sometimes someone signs up for an email list and then later decides that don't want to be on it anymore.

When we sent out the email to promote the Rick Perry Mezuzah we notice something interesting. Almost all of the customers who unsubscribed from the list were from Texas! I started to think about why this might be and then it occurred to me that this could be an early indicator of how Jews in Texas feel about Governor Perry. It seems that most Jews in Texas just see the name Rick Perry in an email subject line and they unsubscribe on the spot. It is even more interesting because we hardly had any unsubscribes from our customers from the rest of the world.  What do you think, should we call the polling companies and sell them this information?

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  • @EatRunDive, there are some people who are accusing us of endorsing Perry, who they say, is a bigot.

    There are others who support Perry and say that we are making fun of him and they are mad at us for that.

    The vast majority of our customers are smart enough to understand exactly what we are doing which is having a bit of friendly fun at the Governors expense.

    Aaron Shaffier on
  • Everything y’all have written, including your smart*** last question, indicate that you DO endorse the candidate.

    Are y’all not smart enough to realize that if you are losing subscribers you are losing business? I also notice that Facebook posts are urging people NOT to buy from you. Good luck in your next business.

    EatRunDive on

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